Information About A New Alaska Oil Field

There is a new oilfield that has been potentially spotted in Anchorage. It could be one of the largest, delivering up to 3 billion barrels of oil every day. Referred to as Nanushuk, it is about 40 miles in length and 3 miles wide. It could be one of the best sources for oil for the United States. More appraisals will need to be done, and if it is viable, this could put a lot of people into business. It would also help lower the cost of gasoline and oil-based products in the United States.

How To Maximize This Production For The Least Amount Of Money

The production of this oil is really the main focus of the experts that are looking into this. They know how to get it out, but they have to know exactly where they should access it, and the most cost-effective way to process and deliver it to the United States. Also, it’s important to consider how much there really is. They do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment, set up, and ultimately the delivery system only to find it runs dry in a few years.

Will This Be The Biggest Discovery Ever?

In many people’s opinion, this might be the biggest discovery at least for the next few years. If it is what they say it is, then this could put a lot of people in jobs for decades. If it’s not, at least they will be able to get some oil out of it. They simply have to determine how much this is going to cost and if it will be worth spending the money. Hopefully it will become a viable source of oil that will last for many decades and will bring in a lot of revenue for Alaska and other states.

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